Nuarro Lodge

Situated at the southern point of Memba Bay on the Baixo do Pinda Peninsula lies Nuarro. The name originates from the northern point of ancient coral rock which has eroded over aeons of time. The closest town of Nacala is situated approximately 2 hours drive south of the Baixo do Pinda Peninsula, offering visitors their very own piece of paradise.


Where to stay

Nuarro Lodge

Nuarro Lodge is a luxury eco-lodge situated along the shoreline of Memba Bay. All of the chalets are built by local people using local materials. The chalets all feature sea views and are spaced out with private paths accessing the beach. Each chalet has 100m² of constructed area and was built using traditional technology, creating ideal ventilation. They all have indoor and outdoor showers, a lounge area, a large wooden veranda, a sun deck with a view of the bay and a private path leading to the beach and daybed. The Lodge features a high-class restaurant and cocktail bar, offering a mix of local and international flavours.

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Things to Do

For the Diving Adventurers

Nuarro Lodge offers a wonderful variety of dive experiences from wreck to night dives. Diving here is completely different to what one can see in the southern areas of Mozambique, with the main focus here being on macro creatures and exquisite corals. Best of all, according to the owners they have only explored around 40% of the reefs! The peninsula is situated between the Nacala and Memba Bays, both of which have extensive reef systems, mangroves and a number of different dive sites. The proximity to the continental shelf allows for extraordinary shore dives and boat dives within Memba Bay. Nuarro is also blessed with good visibility. The Mozambican current is constantly washing the bay of debris and with no river run off’s nearby and the deep waters so close conditions are generally favourable to 40m plus visibility, with the minimum usually more than 10m. The proximity of the reef to shore and gradual sloping land prior to the wall mean conditions for diving from Nuarro are easy and lend themselves well to the novice or experienced diver looking for a relaxed experience. For the more adventurous there are the boat dives in the Nanatha Bay or to Baixo do Pinda and across the Memba Bay to Ilha Tebo. During the months of July though until November, guests have the chance to experience intimate encounters with humpback whales, as the females and their newly born offspring enter the bay seeking shelter.


For the Colourful Mixtures

In addition to diving, the activity centre at Nuarro Lodge offers an extensive array of activities such as snorkelling, dhow sailing trips, sea kayaking, picnic trips to isolated beaches and mountain biking.


Did you know?

The name of the local village is Nanatha. Everything at Nuarro was built by local people using local natural resources. The local people are co-owners of the land and by building Nuarro they are building their own future. Nuarro and Nanatha live in harmony together as neighbours. You can easily go for a walk through the village by yourself, but you can also be accompanied by a Nuarro team member or a volunteer who is active in the village.