Ponta do Ouro & Ponta Malongane

Situated just ten kilometres north of the South African border and roughly 120 kilometres south of Maputo lies the town of Ponta do Ouro, and 6km north of Ponta do Ouro, in the next bay, is the town of Ponta Malongane. Ponta do Ouro is definitely the bigger more developed of the two towns, offering a wider selection of accommodation, restaurants and shops. Ponta Malongane will appeal more to holidaymakers looking for a more peaceful holiday, with rules in place prohibiting the use of quad bikes and jet skis for example. Both towns consists of a small village which is surrounded by a well developed tourism trade as they are both very popular holiday destination amongst South Africans as well as Maputo residents.


Where to stay

Devocean Dive Camp

Devocean Dive Camp offers accommodation in luxury tents, rooms or self-catering houses, giving guests different options to suit their needs and budget. Regardless of your choice, accommodation is serviced on a daily basis. Devocean has a dive centre on-site.

More about Devocean Dive Camp here.


Kaya Kweru

Kaya Kweru is a fully catered resort in Ponta do Ouro, offering up market accommodation in a variety of options, such as en-suite rooms, suites, double rooms and family rooms. The resort has a large pool deck restaurant and lounge area, as well as an on-site adventure centre offering a range of activities. Kaya Kweru also has a spa centre offering a variety of treatments.

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Parque de Malongane

Parque de Malongane offers guests an incredible location, being situated amongst a dense dune forest, only 50 metres from the Indian Ocean. The dune forest provides shelter from long and hot summer days, as well as protection from strong winds. Accommodation is offered in a wide variety, ranging from camping to dive camp tents, rustic log cabins and chalets.

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Things to Do

For the Diving Adventurers

Ponto do Ouro gained popularity initially as a scuba diving destination, and the diving here is world class. The area offers approximately 18 dive sites, ranging in depth from shallow to 40 metres. Some of the dive sites have been recognised internationally, such as Bass City, with its family of large potato groupers or Pinnacles with its multitude of game fish and regular shark sightings. Although much further south than Tofo or Zavora, you still have the chance of spotting the bigger creatures such as whale sharks and manta rays.


For the Colourful Mixtures

Ponto do Ouro offers guests a long stretch of sandy beach and turquoise waters  to explore, as well as a wide variety of activities, such as snorkelling trips, intimate dolphin encounters, quad bike tours, kite surfing, fishing and helicopter flips. Ponto do Ouro has recently gained popularity amongst surfers, and when the right swell comes along surfers can expect to have rides of over 200 metres down the point!


Did you know?

Ponta do Ouro translated means ‘Place of Gold’. It is interesting to know that no one is one hundred percent sure of the exact origin or meaning behind the name. Some say that it is due to a sunken ship that lost its cargo of gold, while others say it is in reference to the golden sunrises over the bay.