Zavora is located 440km north of Maputo and about 80km south of Tofo.  The area was famous for tourism in colonial times and some of the original buildings still serve as accommodation today. Nowadays Zavora Bay is a very small coastal fishing village, and is gaining a reputation for having beautiful stretches of unspoiled coastline and excellent scuba diving opportunities.


Where to stay

Zavora Lodge

Zavora Lodge hosts four sea view apartments and six non sea view rooms. All are simple but clean and furnished in a practical way. The infrastructure of the lodge is good and a fully equipped restaurant provides full board facilities and a fully equipped bar.

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Things to Do

For the Diving Adventurers

Zavora has plenty to offer divers and is gaining popularity due to its frequent sightings of manta rays.  It is one of the few dive locations in the world where these graceful creatures can be seen on a shallow dive.  The reefs also offer a chance of spotting a variety of sharks such as tigers, bulls, dusky and oceanic black tips to name a few. Humpback whales are seen in large numbers from June to October and the area also hosts a large turtle population with the possibility of spotting hawksbill, loggerhead and leather back turtles amongst other marine species. Zavora offers the possibility of a deep wreck dive for which you will need a deep diving certification. The Klipfontein sank in 1953 off Zavora point after hitting a submerged reef. Built in Rotterdam in 1939, this 160 meter liner started her career on the India California route. From 1942 she was used as a Pacific trooper, and after returning to its owners in 1946 was used in Round Africa service until she found her destiny in the bottom of the ocean.


For the Colourful Mixtures

Apart from diving, one can participate in snorkelling and swimming with dolphins and guided quad bike tours around the area and to the inland lakes.


Did you Know?

Zavora has a 53 foot lighthouse which was built in 1910, which makes for an interesting afternoon stroll.