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Marcus has been in Mozambique since 2004.  Working as a dive master on Tofo Beach, enjoying the Mozambican lifestyle and the underwater world, as well as good waves, the decision was easy to stay and to start Terra Agua Ceu Lda. in 2007.


His passion for nature, the ocean, sports and his family keep his balance and his smile. As a professional, he enjoys to bring people from all over the world to this beautiful coast line of Mozambique and show them the raw and authentic beauty of this amazing part & culture of Africa.




Lorien was born and raised just outside of the city of Durban, South Africa. Durban is known to be a lot more chilled out and relaxed than the other cities of Johannesburg or Cape Town, with a distinct beach vibe about it. This beach vibe certainly had a major influence on Loriens life. After school he decided to venture to London for a gap year, which quickly turned into a gap 2 years. After this he returned to South Africa to study tourism management. After a short stint in an office based position, he decided that it wasn’t what he was looking for, and promptly took an internship at a dive centre and worked his way from divemaster to dive instructor. He then travelled and worked in South Africa, the Seychelles and Malawi as a dive instructor, before a chance meeting with Marcus on Lake Malawi. Being part of the TAC team in Tofo, Mozambique is a dream come true for Lorien, with incredible diving and surfing opportunities, not to mention a fantastic team of work colleagues.




Amaya was born in Shakespeare’s land, in the town of Stratford upon Avon and raised in Madrid, capital of Spain. Being lucky enough to be able to communicate in both languages made her realise that the world is an open oyster, so after completing Tourism Studies at the University in Madrid she left Spain in 2003 in search of her adventure. After 6 years in England life brought her to Mozambique where she decided to settle in 2009. Tofo Beach has given her the chance of experiencing what she always wanted, a life next to the Ocean. After meeting Marcus and Elisabeth in mid 2009 Amaya became part of the TAC team making it her reason to stay in Mozambique.

At this present moment, life cannot get any better, to be able to wake up in the morning with a smile and enjoy what she does has no price and Amaya certainly knows it. Apart from her love towards animals and her job her other main interests are art, music, cinema, football and most of all being with friends and people she loves.



Content & Media Manager

Originally hailing from New York, USA, Tate has been living in Mozambique since early 2018. Her draw towards Africa began when she was only 15 years old, after traveling to Tanzania on a photography workshop and falling in love with the culture, diversity, and wild landscapes of East Africa.


Tate received her Bachelors Degree in Photojournalism from San Francisco State University, and promptly began working as an itinerary developer, content creator, and expedition guide for travel and expedition companies around the globe, including National Geographic, The Nature Conservancy, and Backroads Active Travel. Tate first visited Mozambique while leading a photography workshop, and knew that Mozambique was the place she would want to call home.

When not working, Tate enjoys backpacking, reading, traveling, gardening, and hanging out at home with her two dogs and cat.




Sergio was born in Beira, the second largest city in Mozambique, found in the central region of the country. 

He studied at the Eduardo Mondlane University in Inhambane and graduated in 2010 with a specialty in business, tourism, and activity management.

In 2009 Sergio became a member of the Travel To Mozambique (TAC) team as a tourism guide and activity coordinator. In 2010 upon graduating, he was invited to teach at the Tourism and Hospitality University of Inhambane.

Sergio continues to work as a coordinator and guide for TAC, specializing in leading tours in the south and central region of Mozambique. Sergio has also incorporated his passion for helping Mozambican communities through sustainable tourism. He founded a local activity center called TIC-TAC, which promotes activities around Tofo Beach that help support the local community.




Originally from Beira, Mozambique, Cesar has been living in Tofo Beach for over a decade now, drawn by a passion for tourism and hospitality. For nine years he worked at a yoga retreat and lodge, and became one of the very first Mozambicans to become a yoga instructor.

Today, he works for Travel To Mozambique (TAC) as a tour guide and driver, bringing clients all over the country.




Francisco was born in 1963 in Zavala, Mozambique. He has spent many years living,  studying and working in Germany, Kuba, South Africa and Mozambique.


During this time, Francisco has become fluent in  English, Portuguese, German and Spanish. He also developed a passion for working in tourism, and now leads trips for TAC all over Mozambique.

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